what happens in retrograde....

So it was a very interesting Thursday. Must be b.c Mercury is in Retrograde.
It started when I called the gym to talk to Trainer, and was informed that last nite Trainer resigned.


She apparently emailed a resignation late last night and never bothered to call her clients. I wouldn’t even of known had I not called the gym (Trainer wasn’t returning my messages on her cell) to talk to her about working out today (since I missed yesterday b.c I was sore)

Pat (head of training.... who I adore!) got on the phone and explained that she had no idea why Trainer left, they loved her there and they would find someone fabulous to be my new Trainer.

Sad : (

So, New Trainer met me today for our first session… kind of a get to know each other session. It was way easier then old Trainer, but that is just b/c she was seeing what I can do. I like New Trainer. She is like super happy, and super sweet which is good I guess. I just hope she isn’t too nice b/c I work really well when someone is yelling at me “One More… Faster…. Tighten” New Trainer says all of that, but is really sweet about it. She is super motivating though which is great. And she is like adorable! I just want to give her a hug… but I would be afraid id break her.

So I had a great workout… Ate all 28 points (my new goal for the week, I tend to not eat them all)… and had a great day with Mr.HG. He has been in a great mood yesterday and today (even though work has been ehhh for him) and has been super sweet to me.

Oh, and he bought a new car!!! He is way excited about it, will post pics as soon as I go home to visit.

Okay, off to bed….. so happy tomorrow is Friday!!!!


PS last week my goal was to drink all 8 glasses of water everyday… goal complete! And so far so good on keeping up with that for this week!


my bicycle & me

special post for Hearts and Crafts....
here is my bike! isn't it adorable :) i saw the same bike selling for $400 at the bike shop in my neighborhood. obviously, i couldn't afford it on an assistants salary so i waited it out. one day i was at Target and they were selling the same pink Schwinn for only $129. I had to buy it!!!

funny story about purchasing a bike in Elmhurst, Queens when you i live in Astoria, Queens. Same
Borough, different life.

i went to the mall, went up to the 5th floor where Target is located, & headed to find the un-helpful, pimple faced, teenage boy in the bike dept to assist me. I picked out my bike & he wheeled it out to me... so far so good. I picked up a pink helmet (safety is fashionable) and a tire pump (just in case) and wheeled my bike through the store to the checkout. That was the easy part.

Now i had to get me & my bicycle onto the elevator to go down to the main level. Well, there is 1 working elevator in the 7 floor store. I am on the 5th floor, in line behind tons of women with massive strollers and screaming toddlers. Every time the elevator came, it was full.... or had just enough room for one woman & her enormous stroller. i literally stood in this elevator line for 1 hour 15 minutes. not even an exaggeration. Finally, frustrated and sick of screaming kids i jammed myself & my bike into the next elevator. I literally had to stand my bike up on 2 wheels to fit.

i made it to the main floor. Now, i had to wheel my bike to the subway (4 blocks), carry it down the stairs, get it through the
turnstyle, wheel it down the subway hall, down more stairs, and finally onto a subway. i held onto to it for deal life, cuz ill be a monkey's uncle if someone is going to bike-nap me after all of this.

Finally i arrived at 59 & Lex. I had to get off the subway, with my bike, and transfer to the N train. We arrived at my stop. i then had to carry my bike down the stairs, through the turnstyle, down more stairs, and wheel it 3.5 blocks home.

where i then had to carry it up some stairs, through 2 doors, up more stairs, and into my apartment. Oh, how i love new york city.

That was my Saturday. Literally. Purchasing this bike took me an entire day.

Now, I have this cute bike that i can only ride 3 months out of the year, that takes up my entire bedroom b.c that is the only place to store it, and that i have to carry up and down lots of stairs just to ride it down the busy taxi packed streets. What was i thinking???

i was thinking... it's pink!

oh shit

bad day at the scale. bad bad day.

Circa 1990

So I am officially wounded. It must have been the 300+ squats and lunges Trainer had me do on Monday. I expected to be sore yesterday…but I’m even worse today. Seriously… I felt like a 92-year-old lady with severe arthritis as I climbed the stairs to the subway. I never realized how many stairs I climb everyday until every single one sent shooting pains up my legs. So I postponed my session with Trainer until tomorrow…. I have to be better by then. Today will be my second day off in a row of going to the gym, and that is so NOT in my get skinny plan.

In other news… NKOTB has their new single out and I am dying to hear it. Unfortunately, my work computer has something blocked so I cant hear it just this second. But you better believe that first thing I am going to do tonight is go home, log on, & turn up my speakers. This is either gonna be really good, or really bad.

Ohhhhh, and get this. Paula will be performing Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow at the Superbowl. Who would of thought… The Giants would make it to the SB this year, after a rocky start…. And PAULA ABDUL would be the one singing. I can’t wait! For the halftime show… for the commercials… yay football!!!!

Okay... i have to go get weighed in now so wish me luck!


the state of OUR union

Only because JCrew made me feel guilty I have attempted to watch the State of The Union. I tried… really I did. But there is something about when Bush speaks it totally makes me zone out. I have been watching this for 30 minutes now & I can’t tell you one thing he said. All I know about the state of our union is that:
1) We are still at war…. And they are still sending more troops over everyday.
2) The economy is bad. We are approaching a recession.
3) There is still no health care solution & 47 million Americans still live without insurance.
4) We are in a downward spiral with the whole global warming situation. It was 70 degrees in NYC in October, we still had 70 degree-days in November, no snow in December, and last week we had everything from 9 degree to 47-degree temperatures. This is not normal.
So that is the sate of our union…. Really, Jan 20, 2009 can’t come quick enough.

In other news…
New Kids On The Block is making a comeback!!!! They have been Hangin Tough for the past 13 years and are now ready to take on the music world.
Once again Donnie + Jordan+Joey+Jordan+Danny=The Right Stuff!

So, what is it with pop stars coming back all of a sudden? First the Spice Girls Reunion Tour, then Paula’s new single, now NKOTB…. Ya know…. This could be fun!!!!!

I had a bad diet weekend, followed by Southern Bell going back to Texas, then had a rough day @ work, and then Trainer kicked my butt. The sun will come out…. Tomorrow.


my girls

So let me just start out by saying I have to coolest friends ever!!* Southern Bell, Hello Darling, JCrew, and I all went out tonight and had a fabulous time. We started the evening with 24oz margaritas (well they all had one… I didn’t…that would consume my points for an entire day!) at Caliente Cab. Then we headed over to Barnes & Nobles in union square to flip through wedding magazines.

JCrew is an amazing designer and is making Belle’s invites for her. Her style is Martha Stewart with a bit of spice! They are going to be lovely without a doubt. Darling and I really were no help at all and were secretly planning our own weddings lol.**

So see, this is why my friends are the coolest. Because for some people, the only way to have fun is to spend a ton of money, get wasted, go to extravagant places, big parties, swanky people, etc. But not me! My friends are so cool that a Friday nite at B&N filled with girl chat, wedding mags, and text messaging was a blast. I couldn’t of asked for a better evening.

Luv you!


*I know you all think your friends are the coolest… and I’m sure they are fantastic… but really I heart these girls! So bear with me.
**Note to K-Dogg & Mr.HG: Don’t worry…..really… it’s nothing too extraordinary… well maybe just a lil…. But really, don’t worry!

Best friendship quote of all time.... "The best thing to have with you on a Saturday night, is a few of closest friends"

Bye Bye Mr.Jeep

Update on the… accident.

So Mr.HG is okay! Yay :) He decided to skip a check up at the doctor (it’s guy thing) and his bumps and bruises are healing nicely.

His jeep on the other hand, it’s totaled :( But it’s kinda a blessing in disguise because now he is getting out of his crazy high jeep payment & will get something more affordable. I mean, if he lowers his car payment, then that is lots of extra money to go into savings. And savings are good for lots of things. (i.e. big shiny purchase, moving truck, etc.) So wish him luck that he finds a “pimpin ride” for lo-cost!

Fingers crossed!

My long life with sudoku….

Began about 12 months or so ago when sudoku hit the nyc subways in a big way. The game has actually been around since 1979 (thanks wikipedia!) but I never heard of it until about a year ago. Suddenly, everyone on the train was playing this complicated number game that looked, just plain weird.
I love trying out the latest and greatest trends so I decided I should see what this whole sudoku thing is about.

The next morning on my way to the train I picked up the morning Metro. I attempted the sudoku puzzle & failed. I convinced myself, ‘That must have been the hard level.’

So, the next day I picked up the AmNY instead… Failed. After about a week of trying every morning paper, I gave up. Sudoku is just not for me….

Fast forward to this Christmas. Mr.HG’s 8-year-old niece was playing sudoku on her NitendoDS. Okay, so if an 8-year-old can do this so can I !!! This time though, it was on the video game, not newspaper, & it was SOOO much easier. I loved it! I played for hours. Then we went to Mr.HG’s cousin & I played sudoku on their DS. (PS I am so not a video game girl, but the Brain Age on DS is wicked cool!)

So, after doing so well on the DS version, I had enough confidence to attempt the newspaper one again!

And look… I did it! :) See Mr.HG, I didn’t buy those medals!

I completed one on Thursday as well! That is 2 in a row.
But today’s puzzle… well lets just say it’s in the garbage!


8lbs down.... 42 more to go

3 more pounds down!!!! That’s right I got weighed in today & I’m still doing good. Now begins week 3…. Since the whole get skinny plan has been somewhat overwhelming I have decided to pick certain things to focus on each week. Eventually all of these healthy habits will become part of my normal life, but until then we must concentrate. This week I am going to drink more water! We are supposed to drink 6-8 glasses a day. I drink a lot of water anyways, but I think I top off around 5. So this week, as I follow the WW and work out, I am going to make sure that no matter what I will drink 8 glasses of water.

Other random things…..
*RIP Heath Ledger…. So young, so talented, so spooky that he is no longer with us.
*Will Ferrell is going to be on Broadway…. This fall… stay tuned!
* I am addicted to 3 songs at the moment… Elliot Yamin’s Wait for You, Fergie’s Clumsy, T-Paine’s Bartender… weird combo, I know…. Hey, it’s all about variety
*Seinfeld is still the best show ever. Thank goodness for late nite reruns!

Oh, really important…. Shout out to JCrew. She helped me on this HUGE project last nite (which is why I failed to blog) and it came out fabulously! Really, I owe her my life!

Not so good news: Mr.HG got into a car accident today. He is okay, just some bumps and bruises. His jeep though, MAJOR bumps and bruises,. Please keep him in your prayers.

Southern Bell comes tomorrow so I must get some sleep. The girls have my social calendar full for the weekend, so I need sleep…. Now….


weekend review

Happy Monday everyone!!! Or better yet… happy day off work! I am so proud of myself today. Normally, if I have a day off work, I wouldn’t even consider going into the city to go to the gym. So, since 2008 is all about changing myself for the better, I crawled out of bed, put on sweats, went out in zero degree weather, & trucked it to midtown. I worked out with Trainer today, which is always a treat. The one exercise that kills me, but is AMAZING for the thighs is when she has me run up & down the stairs carrying two 8lb weights. Running both down & then up counts as 1. She has me do 3 reps of 15, and let me tell you it’s killer. But I don’t complain!!!! I felt like Rocky today when I finished ☺

Oh, here is a great new WW combo that is choco heaven! I bought the WW choc chip muffins (3points) and fat free cool whip (1pt). Put the cool whip in the freezer, it will have the texture that is more like ice cream. Put the muffin in a bowl, top with cool whip and viola choc cake & vanilla ice cream. The whole dessert is anywhere from 4 to 5 points based on how much cool whip you add. I usually do the 4 point one, and it’s the perfect amount of cool whip! Try it out and let me know. Does anyone else have any low point dessert ideas?

So, I spent the weekend at this huge publishing/art dept event and met some great people. Hopefully, some of who will give me a job in the future. Despite the fact that I had to get up at 6am on a Saturday, it was well worth it. Sat nite the organization hosted a cocktail party at Gael Towey’s* fabulous brownstone down in the village. While at the party, I met more extraordinary people & even spoke to one of my favorite photographers, Platon**.

I have seen his work for years and always admired his photography. A few months ago, I went to a lecture given by him about his career. It was so amazing, so inspirational, and made me appreciate & love his work so much more b.c. not only is he an amazing photographer, but b.c he is a lovely person. At the lecture I didn’t get a chance to say hi & gush over him… but at the cocktail party I did!!! I went right up to him, shook his hand, and told him how fantastic he is!!! I only hope I can work with him one day.

Next up… baby bumps in Hollywood…. Stay tuned!

*Gael Towey is the chief creative officer for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

**Platon is the photographer who shot the famous Bill Clinton crotch shot back in 2000 (shown above.) He has photographed hundreds of personalities, has loads of legendary shots, & worked for a ton of magazines. In other words, he is freakin amazing!


ill take mine straight up.... with a twist

TGIF! So I had that very important meeting today… it went great! Tide To Go totally came through for me, I had a great bangs day, and I didn’t forget anything when I left the house! Go Me Go Me! Oh and the best part, PD and I totally clicked, I am a perfect fit… now lets just see if I can make miracles happen! Wish me luck!

I have to get to bed early b.c. I am volunteering at a big event this weekend & I have to be there at 8am. Like, be there at 8. I usually don’t get up till 8. Seesh! But it is totally worth it. It’s this huge event for magazine art/photo depts. so naturally it’s a great networking opportunity.

I have been watching more & more of the OC… and I just saw the part where Oliver “overdoses”. That dude is a real douche, I so hope Marissa doesn’t fall for him. Poor Ryan, always getting the short end.

Oh, and did anyone see Grey’s from last Thursday? (I watch everything on TiVo, so I don’t see anything on the actual day it airs.) Anyways, I like Bailey as the narrator instead of Grey, great for a changeup. Good job ABC…. On that one episode.

Okay, now the big news of the day…. Paula Abdul has a new single??? Like she is the singer of a new song on the pop charts? Now, let me start by saying I heart Paula. When I was a lil tike I wanted to be just like her: Lakers cheerleader, dancing with a cartoon cat, big hair… the whole deal. But, she is over 40 & has a pop song. The song is really good, but it doesn’t even sound like her at all. It was like when Paris Hilton made Stars Are Blind. For the first 3 weeks that I heard it I would turn the radio up really loud & sing it at the top of my lungs. I was so addicted. Then, 3 weeks later, after the song played the radio announcer said, “And that was Paris Hilton’s new hit single, Stars Are Blind.” I so thought it was a joke. Like Paris Hilton… the Paris Hilton. After that when the song would come on I would pretend not be interested. I couldn’t possibly love a pop song sung by the girl who is famous for being famous. The girl who is a socialite, not a singer. Eventually, I gave in and Stars Are Blind is now on my ipod. Hey, everyone out there has their own guilty pleasures! Anyway, that is exactly what just happened to me with Paula’s song. If I didn’t know she was the vocalist… I would love it. But deep down, in spite of it, I do still love it, but that fact is a secret! Shhhhhhh.....
So listen to Paula’s new single… and tell me what you think… but be Straight Up about it! haha


totally random, totally fun ramblings

Funny.silly.loving.random things that have happened to me this week~

*Me, JCrew, & a girl who will now be known as Mary Poppins went out to dinner in midtown. After drinking my required 8 glasses of water that day I had to use the loo… like bad! I went in, searched all 3 stalls, and left…. Upon returning to the table, I explain how this otherwise lovely restaurant is out of TP. Poppins digs into her bag and pulls out this….

Like seriously, no joke. This is in her bag! Along with a toothbrush, wet wipes, and countless other lifesavers for little nyc emergencies! As she hands me the Charmin she says, “I have been unprepared in nyc way too often….” All I could do was laugh… and return to the loo!

*Mr.HG serenaded me… this is what he did to woo me 15 months ago and it makes me smile every time.

*JCrew offered to attend WW meetings with me… despite the fact that she doesn’t even like them! What a great friend ☺

*My boss had a malfunction with her email account today. Somehow all these random emails from months ago were getting resent. Not knowing this, I received an email about some research I should do. Like any great assistant I hop to it. After awhile, I started thinking… haven’t I done this already? I ask my boss a question about the email. Needless to say, after a quick chuckle, she clued me in that this email was from last August!

*The girl on the American Idol auditions from Allentown, PA… like whoa. I mean I love glitter, but seriously.

*Britney…. Oops she did it again! Running out of the store dressing room naked while shopping with her paparazzi “friend.” Enough already.

*I have lost my work id, my cell phone, and my black pumps more than once this week

*I started reading this great new book called Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas and I LOVE IT

*I had coffee with a great friend from college, who I live in the same neighborhood as, yet never see. New Year’s Resolution #6…. Keep in better contact with great friends!

*I ate a cupcake… 10 points…. Worth every one!

*I washed down the cupcake with a trip to the gym.

*I gushed over Katherine Heigl… she is fabulous!

*I chest bumped JCrew.

*In preparing for a very important meeting tomorrow, I shaved my coat, stained my shirt, and spent 45 minutes of precious sleeping time trying to find the perfect bag for tomorrow… wish me luck!

*We have a new EIC at work whom requested that the entire staff write a paragraph about who they are and what they do. In other words… ‘wanna work here tomorrow?’ ‘Its time to save your job.’ Or my favorite ‘what exactly do we pay you for?’

* I was caught laughing out loud while watching tv… alone.

* And I was caught smiling while on a crowded subway full of grumpy New Yorkers b/c I got a sweet voicemail from Mr.HG ;)

*Good deed of the week: Sent Hello darling’s resume to a friend…. Hope she gets an interview!

*Said “seriously” approximately 573.2 times

*Carried an umbrella everyday. Except Thursday. When it rained.

I have to say it was a fun and interesting week! Thanks to all of you for being a part of it.
Nite y’all!



lost weight, lost smile, need smile back

Hey y’all so its been a good 2 days…. Here is a recap:
Gym- yesterday 30 min on elliptical, today 1 hr with Trainer
Diet- yesterday 27 /28 points, today 28/28 points (that is including a cupcake.. YUM)
and guess what…. Today was my first weigh in and I lost 5lbs!!!! woot woot!!! I mean I know I have a lot more to go, but 5lbs is a great start.

Today was the first official WW weigh in, and I don’t know why but I got really emotional. I went to the meeting really excited, but then I got there and everyone knows everyone, most of the people are already lifetime members so they don’t have any weight to lose, and the rest of the people there only have like 5-10lbs to lose. Its just kinda intimidating cuz I have way more than that, and I was looking for that one person in the meeting I could relate too. It was just hard. And add the fact that I am shy…. (okay, for those of you who actually know me, you may not think I’m shy b/c I am a chatterbox, but put me in a room full of people I don’t know and am intimidated by….I go mute.) It’s was just really hard. Everyone was talking to each other, sharing ideas, recipes, etc… and I was alone. I know ill get over it and ill open up in a few weeks but WW is not a place I enjoy going, but since I have to it would be nice to have a friend by my side. I wish I didn’t have this problem, and I didn’t have to go to meetings, but the truth is I do, and I do. So I’m going to suck it up and go and know that it will get better….. eventually.

Also, I think I was feeling down while at the meeting because I have joined WW before. Every time it works, but I would lose 20, 30, 40lbs then plateau. Then I would convince myself that I could lose the rest on my own without WW, and every time I proved myself wrong. So this is the 5th or 6th time I have joined…. And this is the last. It has to work this time. Really, I have so much of my life, my sanity, riding on the fact that my get skinny plan works I really don’t know how ill cope if it doesn’t. So, pray for me, count points with me, tell me to get my butt to the gym, cuz I could use all the support I can get.

Thank you to all of my new blog friends, especially those of you struggling with your weight too, your words of encouragement have helped a lot!

And a special shout out to Mr.HG who sent me the most positive, loving, perfect text today. It really cheered me up. Love you sweetheart <3



polka dot motivation

First day with my trainer and I feel great! Trainer is super sweet which makes my sessions with her way more enjoyable then when i'm left alone on the elliptical with my thoughts. She had me do a lot of weights, squats, crunches, etc and even when it was so hard and I didn’t think I could finish the rep… I thought of this adorable pink bikini and how much I would love to be able to wear it summer 09….

This is enough to keep me motivated!


Diet Diary- 27 points/28. exercise: Trainer day


back on track

So, I just got off the phone with Mr.HG and I think we will be okay. We talked like nothing happened, which is exactly what I wanted. Just hearing him say “I love you” makes me feel a million times better.
Somebody upstairs must have been listening. Thank you for giving me my baby back.


Where is Hugh Grant when i need him

Happy Sunday y’all!!! So Hello Darling taught me how to pimp out my page. Thanks girl ☺ We had our slumber party last nite which was super fun! We stayed up til 4am chatting away about life, love, work, friends, relationships, why boys are stupid, wedding plans, gossip, & what exactly a vegan is allowed to eat. She also brought over these lovely vegan treats including cupcakes, choc chip cookies, & brownies. SOMEHOW I stayed on my diet & didn’t eat them although they looked tempting. I tasted the cupcake… I mean I guess if I were a vegan it would be delicious. & it’s great that all of these options are available at this adorable lil bakery in the village. But since I’m not a vegan, I’d much rather sink my teeth into a pink butter cream frosting vanilla cupcake from Magnolia! I mean… if I weren’t on the super strict get skinny plan! But all in all we had a great time & I was so glad to have HD here when I needed her. I am so blessed to have such a great friend.

I have spent my Sunday watching The O.C. JCrew won the entire series on dvd at a holiday party & I have never see it so this is my chance. Currently, I am watching the episode where the hot bad boy & Misha Barton are hooking up…. & can I say finally! I like him way better than that Luke guy who wears that stupid necklace in every episode. He is such a douchebag! Ahhhh. But I can’t wait to see what happens.

EDITED 1.14.08

Diet Diary… stayed under my 28 points all weekend. Sat 20 points, Sunday 10 points (I’m not hungry today, I can’t eat when I’m sad) No exercise on the weekend, but I meet with my trainer for the first time tomorrow! Wish me luck!



Hi! It's Texan Prep/Hello Darling - I'm not really guestblogging, just playing around on here to show my darling Gorgeous some Blogger stuff :)



today... i go superstitious

So I had a great day ☺ what better way to start off a blog then by saying that! But really, I did. I started off the day by going to a photo shoot, which is definitely a perk of my job. Later, I had girl chat with Southern Belle for awhile, & even scheduled a slumber party for Saturday with Texan Prep. (PS slumber parties are not just for teeny boppers in junior high…. They are for big girls too!)

And then…. I had a really great talk with Mr.HG and he slipped into the conversation some fabulous news. I mean he didn’t tell me all of it, but he hinted at some very important purchases he will be making this year, and well lets just say my mind wonders in one direction! We were chatting about life and finances and whatnot when he says, “I’m planning on being in nyc a year from now!” That is fabulous news. I wanted to jump on the futon in glee.

But he continued talking so I had to sit back down.

“There are just 3 things I need to do before I move….” And he left me hanging at that.

Now, I know what I want those 3 things to be, but odds are that what I am thinking is so not the same as to what he’s thinking. And since Mr.HG knows how my mind works, he decided it would be in both of our best interests to disclose these three things pronto.
They are as follows:
1) pay off all bills and up credit score
2) put money in savings for move
and this is the good one…. 3)make very important purchase for someone.

HMMMMMMM wonder what that could be ☺ so he didn’t come out and say what it was, but I know what I’m hoping it to be. And although I am not the most superstitious girl, I really, really don’t want to jinks myself on something so super important so I’m gonna leave it to your imagination. Chances are if you are reading my blog and know anything about me and are a sappy, girly, romantic, hopeful, optimistic like me you know exactly what I’m thinking!
Sweet dreams!

PS kicked my own ass exercising M-W so body needed a day off. I'll be in full effect tomorrow though… and yes I will start eating all of my points, just getting into the routine of it all.

Diet Diary: 20 points out of 28. 0 min cardio. 0 push-ups. Stretching 0 min. 0 calories burned, average heart rate 0


please help, my tivo is lonely

First I have to say I am soooo thrilled that Leno and Conan are back. I missed them so much these past few months its great to be back into my nightly routine. Now can we just get the rest of television back! I know a few shows have new episodes this week…. But what? Tease us with one new episode after a two-month hiatus & then go away again for who knows how long.

And now you cancel the golden globes??? The beginning of award season is CANCELED???? Who gives you the right? Seriously?

Now, I do agree the writers should get compensation for internet and dvd sales. They totally deserve it without a doubt. However, why can’t we just come to an agreement? The writers being on strike puts everyone in television production out of a job. The lighting crew, the cameramen, the editing people, the sound people, heck even Joe who orders the donuts is out of work right now. It’s just not fair. Some crews were lucky though. The late nite gang (Leno, Conan, Letterman) were all generous enough to pay the staff their wages while the writers were on strike. Sadly, not all shows were able to do this for their workers. I don’t know. I mean I want the writers to get a fair deal. But please, for the good of television… for the others like me who live and breath through the lives of The Walkers, The McDreamy/Steamy’s, and the Darling’s… please come back to work. My Ti-Vo has had his break and he is ready to tune in!!!!


Diet Diary: 24 points out of 28. 45 min cardio. 0 push-ups. Stretching 5 min. 538 calories burned, average heart rate 162


Hunger pains….. not so much

Today was a much better day on the diet! I ate breakfast, same as yesterday, but I wasn’t starving by 11am! I actually wasn’t hungry for lunch until 1:20pm. Yes, I know the exact time I realized I was hungry b.c. I looked at the clock & was like wow… I made it through the morning! Holy crap! I did myself a little “go me go me” dance and then got back to work!
So yay… day 2 down…. Diet check! Gym check! Jeans fit… um, not quite!

On the topic of my jeans…. I hate jeans. There I threw that out there. I mean they are so comfortable, look great with boots, can dress down a fancy top, etc. They are essentially a miracle worker; so, I guess I don’t hate jeans per se. I hate how I look in them. Black pants are what I wear 99% of the time. I kid you not if you went into my closet right now there is 33 pairs of black pants in there. (Really 33. I got rid of 20 pairs when I moved to nyc, so this is nothing) I look good in black pants. They slim the leg & make me look taller….jeans on the other hand make me look like I have 2 sausages as legs.

But here is the real reason I started talking about jeans. I got a new pair from my girlfriend for Christmas and they are just a lil too tight. My goal is that when I go home to see Mr.HG for Valentine’s Day they will fit! That is about 5 weeks from now so if I could lose 10lbs by then it would be great!!! Wish me luck!

One more thing…. I am helping plan Southern Belle's wedding…. remember, the reason for the get skinny plan…and we need some help finding photographers in Cambridge Maine. She lives in texas; I live in nyc; all while planning a wedding in Maine…. I know! lol
So anyways, if you know of any please let me know! …. Also great wedding bogs/sites with tips, ideas, etc would be much appreciated!


PS kudos to Magnolia Mama.... love the post on WW blogs :) they are going to help for sure!

Diet Diary: 21 points out of 28. 45 min cardio. 50 push-ups. Stretching 10 min. 555 calories burned, average heart rate 166


day one done good

So my first official day of my diet has gone great! I went to the gym and worked out for an hour. i spent 45min on the elliptical…. But burned twice as many calories as I usually burn with that workout. I felt great afterwards!!! My mom bought me a heart rate monitor to use while working out and it definitely helped. The monitor tells you your heart rate, duration, and calories burned while you are working out. By letting me know what my heart rate was throughout the workout, I kept pushing harder to reach my max and maintain there. I burned a total of 625 calories!!!! Wooo hooo ☺ I know I haven’t actually lost any weight in one day of dieting, but I feel great. And I have the added motivation that I got through the day without cheating. I worked my butt off, but I did it. And every day it will get easier and the diet will become more a part of life!

Okay enough diet talk…. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MISS BRITNEY??? The poor girl. Seriously, someone needs to step up and get her some help. And that someone does not need to be Dr.Phil who would just make her problems worse by continuing to pump publicity into her drama. She needs someone who will take her out of the public eye and treat her. She obviously had a nervous breakdown with everything that has happened in the past year. I can’t even begin to imagine what she is going through. Just when you think it cant get any worse it does. I went from feeling bad for her, to laughing at her, and now I just pity her. I just want things to be better for Brit. As much as we like to joke about her shaving her head, the legendary VMA performance, car vs. umbrella incident, and many many more… its not funny anymore. The girl is sick and needs guidance. If only she had a decent mother, maybe that would help. How sad is it that K-Fed is the better of 2 evils when it comes to parenting. Seriously… K-Fed…. As the better parent. What is this world coming to???


Diet Diary: 27 points out of 28. 45 min cardio. 50 push-ups. Stretching 10 min. 625 calories burned, average heart rate 160

yogurt + egg whites are NOT filling

Day one of get skinny plan… well lets just say I'M STARVING. i finished breakfast and i am STARVING... diets grrrr...Okay I got that out of my system. Now ill go back to drinking my gallon of water thinking cute skinny jeans!!!!! Cute skinny jeans!!!!!!

Introducing Mr.HG

Its late so I’m gonna make this quick…. First I have to give a shout out to my wonderful boyfriend. (to maintain anonymity, he will always be referred to as Mr.HG) We are in a long distance relationship, which btw is one of the hardest things in the world, but we love each other enough that we make it work. And he has just been so great this past week. He has been so supportive about my whole getting fit plan. At first I had a hard time talking to him about it b/c he’s a guy. He’s my guy. And its hard to talk about your faults to someone you want to find you attractive. But Mr.HG has made it a lot easier lately.
We had a really good chat on New Year’s Eve. It actually started as a fight but ended with us talking everything out and cuddling all night until I got up to drive back to NYC. I think our chat made us so much closer. He understands me a lot more now, and that makes it easier for me to talk to him about my downsides. He has repeatedly told me that no matter what size I am he will love me. And I think all along that is why I didn’t want to talk to him about it. I was worried if I didn’t become a size 2 he would leave. I was so wrong. Mr. HG has made me feel so loved for who I am and it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. I love you Mr.HG… don’t forget it ;) Nite all!

PS tracking points and the gym start tomorrow… wish me luck ☺


Cheaper by the Dozen... not really

Hey y’all… So… I was reading a post on Ashley’s Closet about the Duggar family & their 16 kids. Really. I said 16 that is not a typo. And one of the things Ashley Closet’s says is

“Do I think it's a little selfish even? Yes, I do. That oldest child has probably never even spent a full year without his mom being pregnant or having a newborn in the house.”

And Miss Ashley, I have to say I totally agree. I mean seriously. With 16 kids how can you possibly manage to go to all of their dance recitals, baseball games, track meets, lessons… Cuz even the scheduler for Hillary Clinton couldn’t organize that many appearances.

Isn’t it better to have a few kids & be able to spend a lot of time with them. This brings me Miss Angelina Jolie. She keeps adopting children to give them a better life. What she is doing is wonderful, & charitable, & great. And without a doubt they are living a much better life then they could of ever imagined.

That’s not my problem. My problem is that she has all these kids & they are constantly shuffled around from one nanny to another while she is off filming movies. I am sure she is a wonderful parent & she has the money to hire great nannies. But when a child is adopted the most important thing they need is love & affection. They need to feel wanted. They need a parent who is always there. I just wish Miss Jolie would stop adopting & give her time & love to the wonderful kids she already has.

PS i was trying to add links to Ashley's Closet's Blog & the Duggar family webpage... but i havent figured out how to add links yet. sorry :(



someone was listening

Hey y’all… so I have been going back & forth on something super important the past few weeks. As part of my “get skinny” plan I know that I need to incorporate both healthy eating & exercise into my life. As a Christmas present I got 12 sessions with a personal trainer… thanks mom… so that takes care of the exercise. For the eating healthy portion, I knew that I wanted to do the weight watchers plan. It’s the one diet that I can actually stick to & see results. My dilemma was do I join the program, pay the fees, & go to the meetings… or do I just follow the program on my own since I have all of the material.

My wallet is all about doing it on my own. I mean I have all the info, I can follow the plan, weigh myself, etc. but there was this little voice in my head that kept saying “people who don’t go to meetings never hear about what happens to people who don’t go to meetings.” so it wasn’t really a little voice, it was the voice of Lanore, my weight watchers coach from years ago. See this isn’t my first time at the rodeo. I was on WW a few times before & in the past I only saw success when I fully committed & went to the meetings. I actually lost 40lbs on WW a few years ago! Sadly it has all come back which is why I want this to be the last time I have to re-start the program. Anyways, after going back & forth on do I pay/not pay I got an email from my work’s insurance & get this… they are starting a WW@Work program!!! That means I can go to meetings on my lunch break in the building across the street. It couldn’t be more convenient… so now it’s settled. I’m signing up for the WW & will start tracking points on Saturday!!!!

Is anyone else on it?? Would love to share food ideas!

PS my first session with my trainer is tomorrow… wish me luck!



2 down, 364 to go (its a leap year)

Okay so day one is down and my resolutions are still on track! Woo hoo! I went to the supermarket to grab some healthy grub but the rest of the groceries get delivered on sat...

*side note* yes, I get my groceries delivered… no I am not ridiculous, I live in nyc and lugging groceries home is sooooo annoying. And when it’s cold outside, it really sucks. So I go online, surf Freshdirect.com, click click click on everything I need, submit. Viola! 2 days later 2 men knock on the door, carry my perfectly packed groceries up the stairs to my apt, and leave. It literally takes less than 5 min!

so as I was saying…. My groceries get delivered on sat & my first appt with my trainer is on Friday so it looks like this diet is gonna have a grand kick off this weekend! I am super excited to start working out with my trainer. She is this teeny tiny little blonde with freckles and is just ooooo sooo cute… I just hope she has a mean side cuz im looking for bootcamp style training. I don’t mind being yelled into a size 8! Whatever it takes right….