lookin good

check out Mr.HG's new suit!!! he got is specially for Southern Belle's wedding... and interviews too! Its part of the Lauren by Ralph Lauren collection & is currently being tailored to fit Mr.HGs hot bod ;) This weekend we also came to the realization that both Mr.HG & I are media magnets, and literally walk right into the hands of advertisers. This could be bad ;)

An example.... in the purchasing of this suit, Mr.HG also had to purchase the shirt, the tie, the pocket thing, and 2 pairs of socks! ay ay ay

in other news... after admitting that i am obsessed with "bad " television (i.e. Hogan Knows Best, Girls Next Door, & Real Wives of OC) i found a new show! The Real Wives of NYC! Now, after hours of watching.... hey there was a marathon on & i'm sick, nuff said.... i have determined that although i live in NY, I like the OC wives better. They seem to be way more fun! way more hot! and way more ridiculous which makes for great tv!

Oh and Giada had her baby!!!! Ciao Bella!


one more bag

is exactly what i needed! check out my new Diane Von Furstenberg tote!!!! i'm so excited... and i have the perfect shoes to go with it!!!!



im sick.... boo hoo :(


what came in my lil blue box

my new favorite accessory.....thanks Mr.HG ;)

if martha has one, so should i

so i was at a cooking prop sale at work and came across this...having no idea what it was, but knowing that i have seen Martha use one, i purchased it!*
later i found out that this handy kitchen gadget that i so quickly purchsed is none other than a nut roaster!

what will i do with a nut roaster you ask? why, ill be roasting some nuts!**

*i know, i have a problem.
*seeing as how JCrew has officially challenged me to roast nuts in 2008, you better believe i will be roasting some nuts by years end!


top 2 of the nite

I adore lil David... and Michael Johns just got moved up on my "it" list!!!! funny how the youngest & the oldest are American Idol's hottest!

getting schooled on techie stuff

so luckily i'm dating a man who knows a thing or two (or a ton) about the IT aka information technology world. i am currently looking to purchase an external hard drive & after sending Mr.HG a link for a pink colored hd, i was quickly informed that just b.c its pink does not mean its a quality hd.* so, we went online & picked a few other options and after realizing i was being a lil too Elle Woods i decided to take his advice and purchase the Western Digital My Book 50oGB office edition.**

after some computer chat we started discussing the tv signal transition that will be occurring come Feb 2009. Basically, i was extremely concerned that if i didn't purchase a new tv by the end of the year, i would be denied my guilty pleasures (i.e. Gossip Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Bros&Sisters...) Luckily, i came across this article and i realized that i do not need to purchase a new tv, although the viewing quality will not be as stellar, my huge tube will still work. Also, a tid-bit of info.... HDTV is NOT the same as DTV.***

...If you decide to upgrade to DTV, be aware there is a difference between DTV and High-Definition TV (HDTV). Not all digital TVs are High-Definition TVs. HDTV refers only to the highest-quality forms of digital broadcast. Some lower-priced digital TVs can receive all types of DTV programming, but are unable to display high-definition signals in their full glory.

Now I know.

Thanks to the Geek Squad and thanks to Mr.HG for all the techie particulars.... if you ever need the facts on Gucci vs. Prada just let me know ;)

*sorry Mr.HG, but anything pink is always better!
**yes, 500gb is way bigger than anything ill ever need... but its on sale making it CHEAPER than the 160gb one.... weird how that works
***learn something new everyday, eh


George W. Bush Presidential Library

email highlight of the day....Welcome to the George W. Bush Presidential Library!

Here are the highlights of today’s library tour:

The Hurricane Katrina Room: Sorry, still under construction.

Librarybooks The Texas Air National Guard Room: Come if you want, but you don’t really have to show up if you don’t want to.

The Walter Reed Hospital Room: No admittance. (Sorry.)

The Guantanamo Bay Room: No getting out. (Not that sorry.)

The Weapons of Mass Destruction Room: Wait, where’s that room again? We just can’t seem to find it . . .

The Iraq War Room: After completing your first tour, we’ll have you back for a second, third, and fourth tour!

Thanks for visiting us at the George W. Bush Presidential Library! Y’all come back again real soon!


daytime tv.... what have i been missing

so Hogan Knows Best is my new guilty pleasure!
TiVo it... now!

Such a Pretty Fat...

Okay, so Jen Lancaster is one of the funniest authors ever. She is the author of Bitter is the New Black and Bright Lights Big Ass both of which are witty memoirs about the snarky life of a sorority girl living in the ghetto!

I was turned onto Jen's writings when Hello Darling gushed on & on about her, and then literally handed me the book and said, "read it." I started out reading Bitter, and honestly hated it. i thought jen was just too much. i tried so hard & kept reading simply b.c Darling wanted me to. But then i read the line, "a mani-pedi is a sorority girl's version of a threesome".... and she had me!

I was hooked! I highly recommend adding her to your blogroll, like now!

Anyways... Jen's new book Such a Pretty Fat (coming out soon) where Jen is going to lose 50lbs by any means necessary. As a person who has been yo yo dieting for 14 years, i can not wait to read it!

Here is a video of her with her trainer.... Let me just say i can relate! Trainer comes out with some really random equipment, and usually i look at her, panting, and say "WHAT IS THAT?"
After she stops laughing, she demonstrates, i do 3 sets, and then i get it. Some equipment is way better than others* but the variety keeps things really interesting & keeps me from getting board so all in all it works!

anyways, the video below, and especially the ending, reminds me so much of my training sessions. the very end... has so happened to me. there have been multiple times that i have to restart b.c i'm laughing so hard.... and then there was the time that i accused Trainer of "breaking my abs"... but thats a whole other story!

i heart you Trainer :)

*the giant rubber band that is only like 1 ft long but i had to stretch it the length of my body.... the whole time i was waiting for it to snap and hit me in the head... even though Trainer kept saying it wouldn't, i was having visions. she was right! i guess i'm not as strong as i think ;)


birthday recap

thank you to all for your birthday wishes! i had a wonderful birthday that included calls from friends all across the US, virtual cupcakes, a weight watcher friendly cake baked by JCrew, lots of pink emails, a bouquet of my fave flowers from BossLady, and it all started with a midnight call from Mr.HG with birthday wishes, and ended with burning 623 calories at the gym. it was a great birthday!
i got even more presents today... Mr.HG got me Platon's Republic** (the book of one of my fave photographers EVER) which is an extremely thoughtful gift that i will treasure! and Miss H got me The Pink Princess Cookbook that not only has recipes for princess-style cucumber sandwiches, but also for choc covered princess wand pretzels. can we say yum :) Momma G is buying me work clothes*** and sent me a really great care package with lots of goodies, but most importantly 3 of her famous choc covered marshmallows... yeah, so all 3 are gone. but they were delicious!

in other news... kelly pickler* was on American Idol tonight... and aside from the fact that i adore her, and would love for her to be my bff.... is it just me, or are her boobs ridiculously bigger? like there is noooo way with that itty bitty frame she is naturally a DD... just not possible.

+yesterday, 40 degree weather in nyc, i saw a guy in a kilt. not in a costume, just a "normal" guy walking around in a kilt. thank goodness it wasn't windy!

+ World Exclusive.... J-Lo's baby's pictures are being revealed in only 7.5 hrs... hopefully they will take after their mom

+ thanks to a recent beauty sale at work, i have started using the body shop's flawless foundation again.... and it's fantastic! i used it in high school and don't really recall why i stopped using it, but i'm glad i came around again. it is a very light foundation that feels natural and like i'm barely wearing anything. but it has good coverage and stays on all day. it comes HG recommended!

okay thats all for me... nite y'all ;)

*um, LOVE her
**see January post for examples of his work
*** desperately needed. hopefully, i will be buying a size smaller. i haven't gone shopping since 16lbs ago!



juicy cupcakes

i got the best present in the mail today... isn't this adorable! thanks Southern Belle.... you know me all too well!!!

so this weekend was the beginning of my birthday extravaganza.... and it was a blast!
saturday my bff JC* was in town to celebrate, and that we did! we started out going for sushi at Watwa & it was de-lish! then JCrew, Oprah, and a ton of my NY friends showed up at Black Finn for $30 all you can drink... and lets just say that is a lot!

After a nite filled of dancing, laughing, and posing for pics we stumbled home in search of a White Castle** i have never had a WC burger, and probably never will again. lol. it was different... thats for sure. but i think i still prefer Taco Bell as my drunk food of choice.

Needless to say, Sunday was rough. My whole body was aching from my killer dance moves, and i was soooo tired. i never stay out late, hardly ever drink, so my body was like WTF?

but it was a great nite and i'm so glad my friends made it out :)

this weekend.... part 2 of my birthday :) Mr.HG is coming to visit & JCrew is throwing me a b-day party... Scattagories anyone?

*college DG roomie.... who i have WAY too much fun with! its not even right!
**Harold and Kumar.... White Castle is really not that difficult to find.

PS.... i forgot to mention that a crane fell on a building in midtown Saturday afternoon, literally down the street from Black Finn.... the entire area was closed off for an undermined amount of time. so my Saturday afternoon was spent hooked on the news thinking, of all the places... of all of the days, a crane fell on my birthday party :( but luckily, by the evening, the area was re-open and the party was back on schedule!


tell me your joking

Sheriff: Woman sat on toilet for 2 years

okay seriously?
so when i first overheard this on the newswire i was expecting the story to be something like... the missing woman who was kidnapped 2 years ago, has been held hostage, and chained to a toilet until the predator was caught and she was found....

or maybe it would have been more like this....obese woman gets stuck in bathroom, lives in solitude and no one checked on her for 2 years until one day someone noticed the mail piled on the stoop, the overgrown lawn, or the house was always dark b/c with no one to pay the bill, it was disconnected. woman found.

or ailens came down and hypnotized the lady while she was in the bathroom and she has not been alert for 2 years... until now

or woman falls and hits head before sitting on toilet, thinks shes fine, sits on toilet and slips into a coma from a concussion... found

or really there are a million things this story could have been, but the reality is that the woman was on the toilet, not chained/glued/tied or anything. she was on there b.c. she refused to come out.... FOR TWO YEARS.

and NO she didn't even live alone. she lived with her bf who brought her food and water and, he says, asked her to come out everyday but she refused.... she stayed in there on her own will? and he waited 2 years before calling authorities to report that something was seriously wrong.... two years? he lived with her for that long and didn't think to call someone sooner? like her mom? or a friend? or the crazy police?

i really don't get it. like really, i don't.


coolest treadmill ever

okay so seriously....i ran on the COOLEST treadmill ever today! i am usually an elliptical girl, but have been walking on the treadmill lately to cool down at the end of my workout. and my gym recently got brand new treadmills but i had no idea just how super awesome they were.... until today!

so anyways, im on the treadmill, and i have my towel laying over the monitor with the time and everything b.c the time goes so much slower when you are watching it tick away. and on the bottom of the screen there are these buttons, one if to insert your headset, one is something random, and one says ipod. the ipod one has a cord attached to it and the other end looks like the end piece you plug into your ipod to charge it. so i plug it in and viola! it has the green battery/charging symbol. the treadmill charges your ipod!!!! no more worrying about running on empty... a battery that is!

the only problem was that with it plugged into the treadmill with the charger piece i had my earset plugged into the ipod but no sound was coming out. i look at my ipod to try to select a song but the screen wont allow any selections. so i plug the earset into the treadmill instead of into the ipod... still no sound? wtf... i unplug everything and go back to the regular way, music works.

but it was still bothering me... how could a treadmill so high tech that it charges your ipod not be able to play the music... then it hit me.....

i plugged everything back into the treadmill, moved my towel off of the screen, and viola! media center on the treadmill with a touch screen that shows the same menu as my actual ipod.... OMG how frigging cool :)

i might be on the treadmill more often!!!

PS these are the new lifefitness treadmills... i highly recommend you request them at your gym!

just a lil sprinkle!

so last week was my boss's birthday... and look what i made :)

i love frosting and love pink, and naturally i had to make the best cake ever for Boss Lady...and the sprinkles, well, how can you have a cake without sprinkles! sprinkles just make everything a lil happier!

and let me just say it was delicious!*

yeah, after my weigh in i had a slice....but i counted the points for it so there! oh & i went to the gym after anyways!


famous friendships

a true friend is one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.
i am blessed enough to have some really great, amazing, fabulous, true* friends. God didn't give me sisters, but he gave me the next best thing... all of you. you are my family. and lets face it, our moms couldn't handle us as sisters, anyways!!!!

i love you all and i cant even begin to thank you for being my rock this week. you are the best thing that ever happened to me. thank you for being my friend ....
....Traveled down the road and back again. Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.**

*i could go on and on with adjectives about how fantastic they are!

**sang to the tune of the golden girls.... obvs!



down down down

goes the scale!!!!!
after maintaining for 2 solid weeks..... i stood on the scale today & it went down 5lbs*!!!!! Trainer is AWESOME!!!! seriously, i have been kicking butt with my diet & she has been kicking my butt in the gym so its a win win. that brings my total weight loss to 15.7lbs!!!! Wooo Hooo!

so other then the scale moving down down down..... my clothes are fitting so much better. the pants i bought in November** are really loose on me*** and my winter coat buttons all the way down... and i can still breathe! i cant even remember the last time the very bottom one buttoned!!! it feels really good. i feel healthy and energized and fabulous!

I had a session with Trainer today and lets just say i love that we are going to incorporate serious boxing into my sessions. we are going to do it enough that she told me to purchase my own boxing gloves.... and oh yes, they come in hot pink!!!!

* all that and i even rewarded myself with a cupcake last nite... go me!!!!
** shopping spree anyone?
*** um, yay


you better have voted!

Edited to add.... YAY ohio you pulled through! i always knew you would! and just remember voters.... whomever takes Ohio takes the nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay so maybe im a geek... but im a well informed geek!
im going to plant myself in front of cnn to get the 4-1-1 on who will be our next president!!!! hope its Hillary!!!! Lets go girl!!!!! im ready for Bill to be in the white house again....


going to watch my favorite girl power movie.... go elle woods. i heart you ;)

xoxo HG


to the women of equinox

or any gym for that matter. there are a few locker room etiquette tips i feel you need to know.

*first off, when you are waiting in line for the shower & holding two towels in your hand, take one of the towels & wrap it around your body. there is no need to stand butt naked for 10 minutes in line as we wait to shower. everyone else in line is covered in a towel... why aren't you?

*after your shower can you use one of those towels to pat yourself dry? why do you find it necessary to turn off the water and immediately emerge from the shower dripping wet, still carrying the towels, as you walk naked to the locker area? can't you dry off a little bit? or at least wrap yourself in a towel to alleviate some of the water you are dripping onto the floor. do you not notice the puddles that trail you? i will be the one to slip on them, so please towel off.

*now you are showered... it's time to get dressed. in doing so there is no need to put your bare bottom on the locker stool. if you need to sit down to put on hose, or socks, or whatever.... how bout we put panties on first. or lay the towel down & sit on that? putting your butt directly onto the community stool is just gross.

*when it's time to use the vanity mirrors it's time to have some sort of clothing on. i understand if you don't want to be fully clothed while you apply your makeup or do your hair. i usually stand at the mirror dressed from the waist down & with a bra on. I'm dressed 90% of the way & this does not hinder my hair/makeup routine. if wearing pants proves to be too much of a challenge while you blow dry your hair.... can you at least wear panties? i am sick & tired of finishing my workout, walking into the locker room, and my first vision is some bare- assed woman bent over fluffing her mane. seriously. nobody wants to see you naked.... and bending over. PUT CLOTHES ON.

i am beginning to think the women at my gym are members of a nudist colony. is it because you think you are hot and everyone wants to admire your beauty? well chances are you are not that hot. and hello, you are prancing around naked in the women's locker room. there are no men here if you haven't noticed. so what is the point?

basically... i am sick of looking at perky fake boobs, perfectly toned abs, and tight tushes on the naked models and MILFS that attend my gym. i am all about showing your assets, & flaunting what your mama gave you... but the sweaty gym locker room is not the place.


fabulous things!

things i would buy if i had more money... and a bigger apartment...

*for those of you with a big apt.... the above items can be found at: Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Teen (3), & Macy's. Happy Shopping!