my happy dance

so im watching So You Think You Can Dance* and am just a bit confused. how can the dancers who are incredible, fantastic, and breeze through the audition getting the ticket straight to Vegas leave the floor dancing like a hyena? like seriously.

they prance around the stage beautifully, get handed a ticket, exit the stage door, and start doing their happy dance. their happy dance looks more like one of the reject auditions. seriously. if Nigel and Mary just said you CAN dance, dont let the camera catch you dancing like Carlton.
just a lil FYI.

*Obvs, im a tv junkie.


1 more day

Friday... the city goes Pink!

"should we get you a diamond?"
"no. just get me a really big closet!"

"this ones married and shes not growing a national forest"

"why'd you move to new york?"
"to fall in love"

"you know me. i dont really believe in marriage. now botox , on the other hand, that works every time"

"life doesn't always turn out to be your fantasy thats why you need friendships that are real to get you through it all."

I miss my Southern Bell :( come back to new york.... your Samatha needs you

my signature cocktail

so even though wedding bells are not ringing for me* i do have a few things figured out for the extravaganza already. okay who am i kidding, i have been planning my wedding since i was 5 but minor details change daily.
but something that has never changed is my desire to have a signature wedding cocktail. the ingredients have remained undetermined... until now. my wedding will include glitz, glamour, and The Bradshaw! if it is what the girls are drinking on their biggest day, then it is what i should be drinking as well.



Mama Clooney.... NICE

Dear George Clooney,
You're single.... my mom is single. Let's talk ;)


Big brings our girl back....

im sitting here bawling watching the Sex and the City finale....and all i keep thinking is, everyone needs to have friends like that.*

i think my favorite line of the whole thing is when Miranda tells Big, "Go bring our girl back."

oh, and when Harry says, "I got something from China too." AND ITS A BABY :) *tear.

I CANT WAIT to see the movie.... even more now after watching TBS's S&TC marathon.

*i know i do.... too bad Southern Belle is all the way in Texas... but Carrie came back, and SB can too :(


lessons from the tube

so many "experts" say that television rots your brain. I beg to differ. Below is a list of a few things i have learned from television over the years...

*be VERY nice to your neighbors... cuz you never know -Desperate Housewives

*you don't have to be blood to be family - Brothers & Sisters

*human hair grows @ .5mm a day - CSI

*everyone needs to find someone who makes them ridiculously giddy, hopelessly in love & stupid... at times - The OC (Summer and Cohen)

*if you are ever attacked scratch the perp... DNA will make your case - Law & Order SVU


*don't spoil your kids or they will end up like Chuck Bass - Gossip Girls

*with big money, comes big problems... problems us po'folk cant even think of - Dirty, Sexy, Money

*Alaska would be a great place to go on vacay, but NYC is an amazing place to live - Men in Trees

*in the end, a good personality trumps designer anything - Ugly Betty

*true friends will be there, no matter what - Sex and the City

*if you're going to say something rude to someone, prompt it by saying, "With all due respect..." - The Sopranos

*ask friends, family, AND strangers for their opinion on your talents BEFORE you humiliate yourself on tv. someone has to be honest - American Idol & So You Think You Can Dance

*always write down where you parked your car in the garage, or you may be looking for it a LONG time - Seinfeld

and thanks to last nights Grey's finale
*Dont lay in wet cement! - Grey's Anatomy



meet the new addition to my family....Bugsy!

He is 4 months old and getting along great* with his big sister Princess.They both currently live with Momma G, but Bugsy is coming to visit this weekend! Yay :)

*when hes not stealing her toys

Sweeps week goes to....

It's finale week(s)... some good, some bad, some INCREDIBLE....

Brothers and Sisters.... tearjerker + gay wedding + ANOTHER walker = Fan-friggin-tastic

Desperate Housewives... the SECRET revealed + devil child shipped away + terri hatcher NOT with plumber in 5 years + 2 whole hours to make up for strike = best finale EVER

Gossip Girls... jaw dropping, drama filled, OMGOMGOMG season =AWFUL finale? WTF

Greek... the restrictions lifted :) + Rusty hearts an anti-greek :( = so so :|

American Idol... David Archuleta lost = *tear

Ugly Betty....Tomorrow... here's hoping she gets rid of henry and moves onto the sandwich boy ;)

Greys.... Tomorrow.... 2 hrs... weeeeeeee

CSI:Miami.... only 1/2 way through, but way intense!

Clinton vs. Obama... who are we kidding.... there was NO finale this week. i have given up watching the election b/c every week i think there is gonna be an actual winner, and every week Hilary pulls through and gets more votes. which im glad about b/c i totally voted for her... i just wish one of them would win it already.

stay tuned for more!


more about me

OMG I was tagged by Hello Darling forever ago, but because im a slacker i just now saw it.... so here it goes!

and i promise, no more blogger slacking...

4 Things I did 10 years ago (1998):

1. took drivers ed & passed my driving test on the first try... even though i ran over a curb and stopped at a corner where there wasn't really a stop sign
2. was the lead in Rebel Without a Cause.... and had my first on stage kiss.... scary!
3. got hired at Claire's.... where i was able to find my inner accessory goddess
4. placed high in States on the speech team

4 Things I did 5 years ago (2003)

1. was playing flip cup.
2. was living in Townhomes with my DG's & Vinney the cat
3. spent my 21st birthday in Panama City for Spring Break
4. was elected President of the All Campus Programming Board, where i planned concerts, lectures, and festivals for 20,000 people

4 Things I did yesterday:

1. Woke up at 4am
2. Flew from Ohio to NYC via Airtran
3. Cried b.c i missed Mr.HG
4. Went to meet Martha's peeps

4 TV shows I love to watch:

1. Gossip Girls
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Sex & The City
4. Brothers & Sisters

4 Things I love to do:

1. watch tv & movies
2. shop.... just wish my wallet was more cooperative
3. Read magazines, books, blogs, the paper... anything really
4. talk to my regulars nightly (Momma G, Mr.HG, Southern Belle)

Since this is a meme, survey, whatever of 4 things, I'm going to tag 4 people! I'm tagging:

1. heartsandcrafts
2. Maxine
3. Mrs.Preppy
4. twentysomethingandclueless



so i tried to post this earlier, but computers... ruff.

OMG Martha just called...SHE called ME :) okay now that i am done hyperventilating i can go back to work! woo hooo.... or in the worlds of HD squeeeeeee


me in a year... or so

i saw this photo today and i thought
"this is SO me... once im a skinny mini... and i have an apt where i can have a puppy..."

too cute :)

PS... weigh in wednesday went great :) i lost 1.8lbs which makes my grand total 18.8 so far!


BEST SHOW EVER according to me & New York

OMFG!!!!!WTF is going on with Gossip Girls????

okay so murder? seriously? cuz i need answers. like now. i dont think i can wait 7 whole days. your previews are like the worst teasers ever... i need MY Gossip GIRLS!
so Lil J thought she found her way to the top... too bad he was just using her as a cover... to date SERENA's BROTHER!! WHATTTTTT? i knew lil one was gonna come out, but what a twist! and PS Eric, you can do WAY better than Asher... hes so lame.
Georgina.... sorry but seriously you gotta go. you have brought drugs, murder, and a whole new kinda dirty to my show.... so pack your bags & go back to Switzerland. or Sweden. or wherever the heck you appeared from. and PS leave Dan alone.

i am so glad LilJ got bumped off her throne... cuz really, only a Waldorf can handle that kinda evil drama and not make you disgusted. seeing Lil J as the queen B*@^% really made me angry. Blair does it with such class.... it almost makes me like her!can you tell i like this show... a little ;) if you havent seen it yet #1 are you living under a rock? #2 JUST do IT

even New York magazine agrees with me, Gossip Girls is the BEST SHOW EVER.
so read it. then watch it. and just try to pry yourself away!
;) Nite.


prayers for granny G

so sad news... Momma G isnt coming to visit after all. to make a long story short, my grandma went into the hospital around 5am for chest pain and was later admitted for chronic heart failure.

so, naturally, my mom is gonna stay there & take care of her. im really sad about this, not only b.c my granny is so sick... but i really was looking forward for my mom to visit. she totally deserves a break from taking care of EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME and we are so due for some bonding time.

but my mom is about as close to mother teresa as they come so she is doing what she does best.... taking care of the fam. and thank God she is there b.c really i dont think anyone could handle it all as much as her. so she is staying in Ohio b.c that is where she is needed.

just keep my family in your prayers, cuz we really need it.

happier post tomorrow.... nite!


here comes momma

So Momma G is packing up for her big trip to NYC!!!! yay :) she arrives tomorrow night for the weekend & we plan to have lots of girly fun... like mani/pedis, shopping, desperate housewives/brothers & sisters night, and we are even going to squeeze in a trip to Jersey to visit the fam.
should be lots of mother-daughter fun!