The weekend... through MR.HG's eyes

As many of you know, I head out of the wonderful state which is Ohio from time to time to see the woman of my dreams. We try to spend couples time together and do things together that make up for being apart so often.
Highlights of the trip:
-H.G. and I shared a trip to the Spa for some much deserved hour long massages (this was SUPPOSED to be a secret that went awry when I had to tell her why she couldn't make last minute plans)

-We enjoyed an evening with some of her friends at the infamous "Beer Garden" where I became "a little annoying and pouty" I believe were the words of HG (Hey, I can't help I HATE beer. I'm a liquor kinda guy. Beer's just not my thing, and it's not like I'm not a good sport about it. I TRY to enjoy it; I just have this problem with it since my alcoholism in the late '90s...
-TV and Law & Order marathon while having SOHO
-Decimating HG's goal to eat healthy and moved down the ranking of "good boyfriend" when I bought us a little thing called "Cheesecake" (Which I feel bad about because it's admirable she is dedicated to losing at the gym; something I more than likely would be done with at this point)
-Went shopping together downtown where I bought some nice threads at Daffy's
-Enjoyed the phenomenon called "Chinatown" one last time and continually evade the police while getting our blatantly copied goods; I even picked up some Armani "Code" cologne while there. When in Rome right?
-Spent numerous hours looking into my beautiful girlfriends eyes envisioning life together
-REPEATEDLY invited her to a life in Ohio where we could live like royalty on what is the difference in cost of living expenditures....(Don't worry, NYC won by a landslide due to the stubbornness of HG; besides, I love NYC anyways...it was just a shot in the dark)
-Enjoyed listening to a dog barking on an airplane for roughly an hour and a half (even the stewardess' were saying "Is this REALLY happening?") This dog was some kind of terrier or something and has to weight about 20 lbs. It was a pretty good sized dog for being on flight
-Blew out my eardrums turning my IPOD up louder than I ever have in an attempt to avoid the high pitched yapping that was the dog barking
-Tipped the Limo Service driver a $5 spot because I was impressed with the cleanliness of his car and the fact that I didn't have to grab any "oh %&@" handles on the way to the Airport- all in all, a great ride if I do say so myself. Plus he was a really nice older gentleman with great taste in music. He turned it up for me... Genesis FTW!
So I guess that's really about all we got accomplished. All in all, it was too short of a visit, but I will be back to see her soon. I really can't wait. It's more and more difficult to say goodbye the longer we're together.
Oh, we stopped in Tiffany's and looked at some rings. This was followed with some snickering when we were heading back down and the elevator attendant asked what floor. HG says "two" and then some couple asks "what's on that floor" and we hear a guy who says "that's the engagement floor" accompanied by delight and laughter as anyone at that stage would understand. You'd have to have been there, but it was a funny scenario. HG and I were both amused as we got of the elevator.
So anyways, if this makes it onto HG's blog, thanks for reading and I know I'm not a writer. I just wanted everyone to know what we did this weekend and how wonderful it was to see my friends in NY and of course my reason for being there; HG. I love her dearly.



calling all delta gammas

and hello darling since she is anchor obsessed...

kate spade is having a huge sale and these are only $19.00! this set is a DG must have!


MR.HG live and in person

Well, as HG alluded to, we are now doing guests spots. Why you might ask? Well, just to let you readers know, we have a little bet that she won't continue blogging through the year. (Don't fret, she STRONGLY disagrees with me, but it's a friendly bet, mostly just to harass her as only I can do. So without further ado, here is the first small sampling of the never-ending debates/topics I have to talk about...

In a nutshell, I think America is doomed for the following:

George Bush-I don't need to say another word but I will. Well played sir, well played.

Our lackadaisical attitude to changing the world.

Unions-how do we compete with $4/day COME ON!

Technology-It's only made our lives more stressful, yet more productive!
All material is trademark of Mr.HG

The demise of paying for quality goods- We're FULL of companies we think BLOW but yet we continue to patronize them. Wal-Mart for example was "all about America." Sam croaks and we're left with CHINA??? WTH is going on here? Oh, don't worry, his family's taking care of the economy. Or dare I say lining their pockets, and they're just one of many.

So, this is one hell of a controversial first blog, I think it's off to a great start!
I'm looking for debate.

Thanks for reading, and this is the first of many. Remember, H.G. might have a FIGHTING chance if her guests columns take up every blog update ;) haha

cards anyone?

so i was catching up on Martha's wedding blog* and came across this great paper store Carrot & Stick. there is literally a card for everyone :) so i picked out my faves for my fave peeps!
*love it
**yes JCrew gets 2 options... she is pretty particular! in a good way :)

PS so be on the lookout from some guest bloggers.... Mr.HG's will be up soon :)

reason #435 why nyc is the best city ever

so i live in a city where i can get anything i want simply by logging on or picking up the phone. Chinese food at 3am..... not a problem. in the mood for a cupcake.... they will bring it over. laundry, groceries, dry cleaning.... they all deliver. even if i want McDonald's or Wendy's... THEY DELIVER. seriously, just about anything i can imagine & will get dropped off at my door. how cool right?

and we all know how many times i have raved about Fresh Direct and the convenience of getting my weekly shopping list brought right to my door. but after some investigating* i learned that Fresh Direct delivers more than just your food and beverages. they deliver toilet paper, toothpaste, disposable razors, aspirin, tanning lotion, shampoo and many other typical products sold in the grocery store. okay so this isnt so surprising. but there is a whole category of Fresh Direct that has products for "Sexual Health"


They will deliver condoms or a pregnancy test along with your carrots and lean cuisines. EVEN KY JELLY. i dont know how i could look at the FD delivery guy knowing that is what was in my boxes....cuz really, some things you should just go out and buy yourself! while wearing really big shades! and a hat :)

*Mr.HG was curious

weekly weigh in

so i have totally neglected my WW friends... but i have been staying with it :) have you?

today was weigh in day and since i gained 2lbs in Texas* i have been totally strict this week and Trainer has been working me hard core on the boxing bag. so today i lost 3lbs!!!!! that means i lost my texas weight..... and a whole extra pound! im not ashamed to chant GO ME GO ME lol

i think what has really helped is upping my workout routine. Trainer has me doing a new circuit and i am literally gasping for breath by the end of each set. and just when i think im done... she is like only 10 more... WHAT? oh so apparently we do 30 reps per set instead of 15.... um hello sore arms! but it does feel great. and i haven't collapsed yet** so bring it on!

*Thanks Southern Belle ;)
**although Monday, i hadn't eaten much yet because i was busy so i literally thought if i had to do one more kick i would fall over... i was lightheaded & had a pounding headache. somehow i managed to stay upright... could be because i am set on not making a total ass out of myself in front of the "super skinny ridiculously toned how do they eat & keep that body they must be on some super drug that i totally need to get some of" girls. hey whatever works!

also, my new fave dessert.... 2 WW chocolate chip cookies (1pt each) with 1/2 c skim milk to dunk in.... only 3pts and i get in a dairy? this is so what the cookie monster had in mind when he joined WW ;)

total lost to date = 22 lbs


weekend review

so i had a semi-eventful weekend that started with a trip to the Opera! JCrew & i went to the Metropolitan Opera in the Park on Friday where we listened in awe. one weird thing though is that after every song the singers waved, hugged each other, & walked off stage..... after each song i was convinced that the show was over. i mean, first off the program & singing were all in Italian so we couldn't really understand where in the event we were. At one point i tried to get JCrew to scream encore thinking the show was over.... i mean they bowed and left the stage, doesnt that signal the end aka that fat lady had sung???.... luckily JCrew doesn't listen to me because seconds later the singers returned belting out another song. how funny would it had been though if in front of thousands of people she was the only one screaming encore!!!! ha-ha

Saturday i made the big trip to Best Buy to purchase another air conditioner....just having one in my living room isn't enough and there are times i feel like i am literally melting. my landlord drove me to pick up the a.c. so luckily we didn't have another traveling incident like the bike! i played a little Wii* and then had a phone date with Mr.HG where we watched Reese Witherspoon in the thriller Rendition.

Not my favorite Reese movie.... a little background... she is married to an Egyptian living in America who is apprehended when on his back to US from North Africa. He is accused of being a terrorist & tortured for information. The whole movie is literally him being beaten and consistently saying he doesn't know anything. I believe him but no one in the movie does... it is a bit frustrating. A whole 2 hours of being frustrated... not cool man. not cool.

Sunday was spent catching up on the past 2 weeks of So You Think You Can Dance** and cleaning. and cleaning. hours later i was still cleaning.
which reminds me i have to go hang up the last months worth of outfits that are currently residing on my bed. more cleaning.... ahhhh


*i love mario cart! but i do need some practice :/

**Joshua and Twitch are my favorite males, Chelsie and Kourtni are my favorite females, but i don't like how Kourtni spells her name.... i would have picked either Kourtney or Courtni but changing both the first and last letters is just too much. Katee (her "i wouldn't audition again, i would give up" speech really pissed me off) and Courtney drive me crazy and so have to go... like yesterday!


showdown on the view.... NOT

so is it just me or were you all disappointed with The View today. I mean Michelle Obama was guest hosting & with the fiery Elisabeth Hasselbeck i was expecting some serious heat, lots of shouting, and possibly even some hair pulling. i mean this is The View... the girly cattiness during the hot topics is the main reason to watch, right?

so after all the media hype the match up between Hasselbeck vs. Obama i got jipped. they were sweet as pie to each other... gag me! lol

joke of the day

You know what they call the guy who graduates last in his class at medical school?


haha... this was stolen from the hilarious jen lancaster! im in the middle of her 3rd book and it is just as laugh out loud funny as the last two. i highly recommend it.

PS.... i heart you doctors out there, but come on... this is funny! special shout out to my 2 recent dr grads.... LITB ;)


summer is here

This is a beautiful photograph by the talented Travis Rathbone. Doesn't it just make you want to go to Coney Island?
So, JCrew.... when are we going to see the sideshow and ride the tea cups.


proof that tom does let her out of the house... who knew!

Holmes to draw big bucks on Broadway

September 18: That's the date the former "Dawson's Creek" star and wife of Tom Cruise, makes her debut on Broadway in a revival of Arthur Miller's "All My Sons."

PS no matter how crazy... i will always have a love for this Top Gun star.


back from the rodeo

well not really... but i am back from texas so its the same thing really. i went down to the South to see Southern Belle & as the host of her bachalorette party i kinda had to be there. the weekend was jam packed with Texan fun. Here is a sample of my weekend...

thursday.... arrived, late of course, to the Dallas airport & was greeted by an overjoyed oversleepy Southern Belle and her beau. went back to their McMansion and stayed up chatting til 4am texas time.

friday... woke up at 730am, damn alarm clock its on nyc time, SB & I put on our party dresses, headed to the party store in search of bach. party decor aka penis balloons, and then it was off to the airport to pick up Sissy... of course not without a quick stop to Chick-fil-a for a snack.
we went off to lunch, a pit stop at Condom Sense for more decorations, then time to get primped for the big night out! it started with 15 of us gals at kenichi with drinks, sushi, & pin the bow tie on the bachelor. then we met up with MR. SB & his bros for some dancing, more drinking, and a wee bit of drama. but really its not a night out w/o some drama.

Saturday.... woke up at 730am, went to the horse ranch, picked up the cake at Candy Haven (can you say YUM) shopped a bit (OMG sam moon rocks my socks! i got these cute earrings... among other things ;) ), and then got all pretty for the bridal shower. i met Southern Belle's entire family & lets just say they are fabulous! i miss them ALL already. i played paparazzi at the shower, ate yummy red velvet cake, & regretted not making time for a nap.

Sunday.... woke up at 730am, tried on our wedding outfits, gushed over how beautiful SB looked, went to BreadWinners for some tasty brunch (must try pecan waffle), and then headed back to the McMansion for an afternoon of swimming. i took a few rides down the giant water slide, once losing my shades and causing the lifeguard to call a TO so she could dive for them. Thanks lifeguard!

had to have a mambo taxi margarita before leaving texas so we stopped for a drink and chips on the way to the airport. secretly, i think this stop was SBs attempt at making me miss my flight so i could stay in dallas forever, not that i blame her.... we have so much fun we are outlawed. then Mr.SB floored it all the way to the airport, once pulling what will forever be known as
"the Oklahoma." we ran to security gate grabbing my luggage out of the runaway Volvo, and had a tearful "see you later" cuz if i had to say goodbye... well i would still be in texas.

so as of midnight, i am back in the big city and missing my bff more than ever. only 6 weeks til she is a Mrs.... woo hoo ;) Maine isnt ready for us!

nite texas.... nite nyc... nite ohio... man my heart is in a lot of places at the moment.



tid bit of trivia

the first TV soap opera debuted in 1946. and really, where would we be without a lil General Hospital now and again!

thanks Snapple ;)


hip hopin hipsters

usually, when you ask people to go clubbin' & dancin' to the sounds of old school hip hop the last place you expect this killer club to be is Park Slope aka Preppyville aka JCrew's hood aka Hipsterland. Surprisingly, hip hop night at Southpaw* is totally fun and just as cool as dancin in the Boogie**

So, on Saturday JCrew, HelloDarling, Miss Hamburger, and their respective partners gathered in the Slope for some BBQ goodness, mathematical drinking games*** and lots of talk about how fantastic nyc is aside from the occasional cicada season. after all the beer was drank, and all the forks were tossed**** JCrews and I headed to see what was groovin at the Rub!

And it was great!!!! except for the brief moment where we made our way to the lighted dance floor area.... and realized dance clubs are dark for a reason! I was called the "catch of the night" by some guy, and i 'apparently' broke his heart when i told him i am in love with Mr.HG.

After burning some calories on the dance floor, and realizing it was WAY past our bedtime JCrew & i headed home (well to her home, i stayed at the JC Inn where i was woken with homemade blueberries & full access to the remote control!!!!) actually, i think i watched her TV more in one day than she has in the past month. but secretly i think she loved it! i mean... we watched bad reality tv from 1130 am until i finally headed home around 630pm. and it was looooooovely!

so that was my experience at the Rub!!!! i suggest you make your way to the slope and go.
oh, and PS..... did you know there was such thing as Deep Slope? and South Slope? me neither... these are the things you learn at hip hop nite!

*it is called the Rub on the first sat of every month where this hipster club goes hip hop
**the Bronx
***im so not a geek. well, maybe a wee bit geekish ;)
**** yes, someone threw away JCrew's forks... real ones, not plastic ones.... and i was listening as JCrew realized she was going to have to dig through her garbage to recover them. funny stuff.


98 degrees and 100 % humidity

motivation to go to work tomorrow....



the C word

back in the 1950s Doctors promoted smoking. whatever, we didnt know it all back then.

but it is 2008 and no one should be promoting smoking especially DOCTORS. everyone knows that smoking causes lung cancer. it is a fact. period. and everyday doctors diagnose & treat people with lung cancer. so if anyone in the world should throughly know & understand the possible consequences of smoking it should be those in the medical profession right?

so why is it that so many doctors & nurses smoke?

i really dont get it.

they tell their patients not to smoke. they hook people up to chemo machines. they treat people who are dieing. they are constantly faced with telling patients the dreaded news about their disease. are they really that naive to think that cancer wont happen to them?


*this blog came about while i was walking on the upper east side pass Lenox Hospital & i had to walk through a cloud of smoke. i looked around thinking i would be surrounded by teenagers or something. NO. there were nurses, doctors, residents, technicians, and EMT workers. all sitting outside the front of the hospital on their smoke break.....

really. i dont get it.

oh snap!

The Real Housewives of N.Y.C. and O.C. Catfightt

click it... you know you want to ;)

playing catch up

so i was a total slacker blogging the past few weeks so here is what happened....
3 weeks ago...
+went to ohio to visit Mamma G and MR. HG.
Mr.HG took me to Hibachi Japan where i went off my diet to eat delicious Japanese food cooked in mounds of butter & oil right at the table... and it was oh so good!

+went to a boxing lesson with mom & to the gym.... exercising on vacay... yeah i rock like that!

+MR. HG was the best man in wedding down in Ashland* on Saturday, so i left Canton early in the morning and drove and drove and drove until i thought i passed the exit & called MR.HG hysterical that i was lost in the middle of nowhere. apparently i hadn't traveled far enough. so i drove and drove and drove some more and then i really did miss my turn and ended up lost. go figure. the wedding was fun, Mr.HG looked so handsome, and it was great meeting more of his friends.
+I then came back to NYC & had the big meet with Martha's peeps.... sadly, no connection.
2 weeks ago....
+my mom came to visit and we had a great weekend. we started by walking around the Farmers Market in Union Square, where Mamma G had to try wheatgrass juice since it is so the "in" thing**. i offered to pull some grass out of the park & throw it in my blender at home for free, but she would rater pay the $4 for the lil tiny shot of this grassy juice. "mmmm, its so good," she claimed. rrrright.

+we took Bugsy*** to the doggie park where he made a few friends. then we headed down to SoHo for some much needed**** shoe shopping. after going in & out of every store in SoHo we headed home when my mom finally confesses, "so that juice... it tasted like grass!"
really if you knew my mom you would be rolling on the ground laughing about this.

+oh this is the same weekend that i got bit by a dog (not my dog). OUCH
1 week ago....
+had 2 birthday parties on Saturday... one pirate themed with lots of food, cake, friends, a Power Ranger and a bouncy house. the other tequila themed with lots of food, magnolia cupcakes, friends, & a photo shoot for JCrew for her new facebook picture. um, yeah we took a lot, but finally captured just the right photo.... FOR FACEBOOK! lol hey its important.

+went to see S&TC with Trainer. cried. laughed. cried. cracked up. called everyone and gushed about how much i loved it. called Southern Belle & cried about how much i miss her.
went shopping...bought more shoes.... and then met up with KA***** from PA for some girl chat!

that brings me to this week when i hit my 20.6lb loss, took a photo of author Roxanna Robinson for People magazine, picked up my bridesmaid dress from Vera Wang, and saw S&TC for the 2nd time. it has been a fabulous couple of weeks.

so now you are all caught up. promise to be a blog slacker no more!

*unfamiliar territory for this city girl
**according to the Backstreet Boys and those of the hemp culture
***yeah he came to visit too
****shoes are always NEEDED
*****KA just graduated from grad school... YAY :) oh and Dr.J & Dr.C graduated from doctor school AND my little graduated from law school all in the past few weeks. ... i have super smart friends!

round 2 ... still a winner

so i just got home from watching the Sex & The City movie for the second time... and let me just say it is just as good the 2nd time around. actually, its better. i cant really explain how fabulous the movie is cuz really it is that great. you will laugh, and then cry, and then in the middle of tears rolling down your cheeks Samantha's dog will hump something and you are right back to cracking up.
the friendship Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha share is unprecedented in any other movie. yes Thelma & Louise was great. Traveling Pants was fun. But ain't no one got anything on my girls ;)

so go see it already... or again. and PS New York really is that fabulous.
xoxo, HG


so not joking

Las Vegas Club Names K-Fed 'Father of the Year'what??? seriously..... far from it. i guess if its him vs. her, he would win the award.
he is the better of two evils between K-Fed* and Britney, but i would NEVER go as far to say he is father of the year. Maybe it should go to someone like Matthew Broderick or Brad Pitt who are always spotted playing with their lil ones, hugging them, caring for them... all why leaving the drugs, strippers, and party boys at home.

how bout we rename K-Fed "most improved, better than loony wife" father of the year. that sounds like a more accurate title.

*who i totally saw with my 2 doctor friends last time i was at Webster Hall. whatwhat!


lights out on broadway

Taylor Hicks is going to be in Grease.


he is apparently going to play Teen Angel* but this match up just seems really odd. i could see him in like Young Frankenstein or something... but Grease? Really?

*the guardian angel during Beauty School Dropout