tear ;<

Golden Girls Star Estelle Getty Dies at 84

oh how i heart Estelle... this is seriously a tragedy. i think i will go straight home and watch Golden Girls reruns.... cuz seriously, that was just a 80's version of S&TC!

RIP Sophia Petrillo... may your jokes live on in your memory :)


Georgie Porgie

so this is what went down in my backyard on Saturday afternoon.....

{Do not try this at home}

how much does one drink before deciding to scale a wall, climb onto the roof of the garage, all to jump into a 5' deep pool seated on concrete?


Bon Appetit: C’est magnifique!

bon appetit is definitely the most delicious magazine ever. i dont know how they do it but month after month they never fail. every cover is better than the last. Kudos to the Bon Appetit creative team... if you are hiring let me know! ;)

PS why are you still reading this... you should be off to the bookstore to pick up your copy by now!

photo of the day

beautiful dress, stunning colors, gorgeous woman..... this picture is stellar!!!!


stay informed

i feel like we live in a day and age where it is very important to stay informed on what is going on in your city/state/country. that is why i am sure to get my fill of news via tv in daily. i do this by starting my morning with Matt Lauer & the Today show, TiVo-ing the View {hello, hot topics!} to watch during dinner, & catch Leno's monologue right before heading off to bed. i think this is a totally legitimate way to get my news in every day.... how do you get your news???*

*unless you are JCrew and dont watch the news lol :)


no joke

i called Mamma G to chat up about my day, and what does she do... rushes me off the phone.
"sorry HG, but i have to go cook dinner"

"what? you dont cook. you order in" i told her.

"not cook for me. cook dinner for the pooches" Mamma G said

"Timeout: you never take time to cook dinner for yourself, but you are actually cooking dinner for the dogs?"

"well yeah."

"uh, why?" i asked.

"Because Oprah does it!"

This was an actual conversation. and you wonder where i get it!

black umbrella anyone?

its a 99.9% chance of rain.... who wants to go to an outdoor concert? We do we do!

so about a week ago i went to see Feist w/ JCrew & Miss Hamburger in Prospect Park. I know all of 3 songs Feist sings {fave is 1,2,3,4 look it up}, but im always up for a good time so why not go. i bought my $40 ticket hoping for the past month that on this one night it stays dry. but does it... of course not. on wednesday, Al Roker shows the showers that are going to pass over nyc in the evening. could it rain during the day instead, no. of course not. so all day goes by, covered by cloudy skies. we get to the park & are waiting in line when, what is that i feel? a raindrop? we will just pretend it didnt happen. then it sprinkles for a few minutes, the entire ticket line* pops open their umbrellas to stay dry.

it stops raining. for now.

we get to the security guy & he looks at me and says, "i am going to need to take your umbrella."

i was thinking, this poor guy got bumped off the force & is bitter. he needs something to make him laugh, so hes cracking jokes now. he is pissed to be out here on a wed nite watching indie rock groupies** play like its Woodstock or something. thinking he is just trying to be funny. i am a smartie and give him some attitude right back. the exchange goes as follows...

Him: "i am going to need to take your umbrella."
Me: "Seriously"
Him: "Yes, i am going to need to confiscate your umbrella"
Him: "Look behind you and tell me if im joking"

I turn around & there is a pile of hundreds of abandoned umbrellas. mostly black w/ splashes of color in the mix. Miss Hamburger takes our umbrellas & instead of placing them in the endless sea, she puts them behind a bush.***

fast forward 15 minutes. we are in the middle of an open field & it is pouring down rain.

still pouring.

now just drizzling.

ok, now its pouring. again

this went on for awhile & eventually it stopped & then it was time to leave & find our umbrellas. chances are, someone stole my umbrella. it was plain black ****like everyone else's. not on purpose, just b/c of the situation. either way, i came with an umbrella, i was going to leave with one.

somehow Miss Hamburger & I found our umbrella's safely under the tree, JCrew was not so lucky. did you ever wonder what it is like to hunt for something in a pile with hundreds of people in the pitch black night with no lights? look below!sounds coming from the crowd : "Has anyone seen my black umbrella" "look, another umbrella that isnt mine" "i found a black umbrella" "this umbrella is coming home with me!"

*of course the entire line had umbrellas.... it was going to rain.
**groupies, plus me!
***smart cookie
****my cute ones i left home, thank goodness!

lather up!

note to self.....
do not* under any circumstance lather your entire body {feet included} up in super yummy smelly cherry lotion** then immediately jump off the bed onto the hardwood floors because you need a popsicle.


you will go splat on your bum. and it will hurt. really bad.

*ever again
** JCrew & Daisy May's advice on how to keep my skin looking young & hot!


oh, dear

Read this link before continuing....
Another Sex and the City movie is in the works....

Dear HBO, take a look at the following titles before proceeding. keep in mind the originals were classics, blockbuster hits! but what is remembered is not the appeal of keanu saving sandra in a explosive bus... instead, we remember "why did they ever make part 2."

OCEAN'S TWELVE (2004) {they did make a comeback with Oceans 13 though}

If you are still not convinced, just know you want to stay off of this list.


Okay, now seriously.

I love S&TC more than anyone... but the thought of a sequel terrifies me. Really, the movie was so incredible it can not be topped. A bad sequel would ruin everything. So HBO, please call it quits on the pre-production plans... unless you have something up your sleeve that is fantastically fabulous ... it is better to leave while your still on top.

I am open for script reading if need be... you know, just to see what you have in mind for this. But if its like Carrie & Big having a baby or something I'm out ;)


6 word memoirs...

So i read this blog where random people type in the what they would title their memoir.... and it can only be 6 words. some are incredibly creative, some ridiculously stupid. here are a few of my favorite from the site.....

Looked up.
Saw Sky.
Bird pooped.

Still haven't decided what to wear.

lost at love. won at scrabble.

Prefer prada to payless. But poor.

After forty, bedtime is happy hour.

caffeine keeps me from going insane

THIS WOULD BE HELLO DARLING'S MEMOIR {they have a mouse in the house:0 }
The second mouse gets the cheese

THIS WOULD BE MR.HG'S MEMOIR {someone should try baking them again!}
Brownies called, I answered the phone.

Babies scare me, miniature Winston Churchills

Read the map. Still got lost.

Nobody could have made this up

now what would yours read????


so you had a good day....

I knew it was going to be a good day when i woke up and got this from Hungry Girl *

woo hoo! i know someone who is going to be busy in the kitchen this weekend!

and the day only got better after putting together what is going to be a fabulous photo shoot at work & was followed by a kick ass session with Trainer! really, the harder she pushes me the better i feel... even when im laying on the ground after the hardest ab workout ever... in the fetal position... in agony thinking i cant even move let alone walk all the way over (a whole 10 feet) to the stretching table... thats when i know it's ALL worth it. the time, the money, the commitment.... really hitting the gym hard makes me feel a million times better.

in more ways than one!

you know that quote by my favorite blonde**
"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't."

well its true. I have been a bit cranky, irritable, & an emotional mess for the past few days (probably due to my fantastic long weekend in Florida that caused me to miss my workouts since last TUESDAY. but seeing my family & hitting up the beach were worth it fo'sho!)

now back from my vacation, today was my second day in a row with my diet on track & getting to the gym & thankfully my mood has done a 180! i feel so much happier (no more midnight tears!)
must be all those extra endorphins!

*fave WW website ever!

**if you havent seen this movie 6,326 times, if you cant quote the most famous blonde ever, if you havent perfected your bend and snap.... you obvs are missing out so you need to get on the pink train, buy legally blonde and play it until it burns out. then buy a new one for a rainy day!
you will thank me!

I couldnt keep this recipe to myself, so here you go! if you try it before i do let me know how it taste!

One 15-oz. can early/young peas, drained
1/2 cup mashed avocado (about 1 medium-small avocado's worth)
1/3 cup chopped cherry or grape tomatoes
1/4 cup finely chopped onions
1/4 cup fat-free Greek yogurt (like Fage Total 0%)
4 tsp. lime juice
1/2 tsp. chopped garlic
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/4 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper
1/8 tsp. cumin
1/8 tsp. chili powder
Optional: chopped cilantro, chopped jarred jalapenos, additional salt and pepper

Place drained peas in a medium bowl and mash thoroughly with a potato masher or fork. Add all other ingredients except for the tomatoes, onions and optional items. Continue to mash until blended. Stir in the tomatoes, onions and, if you like, some chopped cilantro and/or jalapenos. Season to taste with salt and pepper, if needed. Enjoy! MAKES 6 SERVINGS

HG Alternative! This stuff is a great spread for sandwiches, pitas and wraps -- and it's an excellent omelette topper. Two tablespoons of it has just 29 calories and 1g fat, plus 1.25g fiber (POINTS® value 0*)!

Serving Size: 1/3 cup (1/6th of recipe) POINTS® value 1*
Calories: 78 Fat: 3g Sodium: 320mg Carbs: 10.5g Fiber: 3.5g Sugars: 4g Protein: 3.5g


oh the Diet gods.... we go way back

so tonight i will be praying to the diet gods.... cuz all i want for tomorrow is to go to weigh in and remain the same as last week. im not even hoping to lose... just maintain. really that is all i can hope for after the yummy deliciousness i consumed this weekend with Mr.HG. We had funnel cake (just a few bites), pizza (one slice), chicken club w/FF (only ate 1/2), guacamole (ate all of it! and it was DELICIOUS!), part of a burger, some sausage & peppers, a few pints of beer and about a pound of cake! lol but i did work out hardcore the past few days and have ate way less points so now all i can do is pray.

Diet gods.... PLEASE :)

PS yes i already have my most lightweight outfit ready for the scale!!!!! ahhhhhh im scared :/