2008 its gonna be great


Howdy y’all… so welcome to the beginning of my blog life! I am basically starting this for a number of reasons…
1) My bf is annoyed at my celebrity obsessed chatter so I need others to chat with who actually know who I’m referring to when I say Lindsay is back in rehab, Brittney’s lil sis is prego, and Suri had her first tea party!!!
2) One of my bffs blogs & has gotten me addicted. Reading her blog is the highlight of my day ☺ PS her name is hello-darling and even if you don’t find me mildly entertaining, I guarantee she is a riot.
3) And I guess the most important reason is that I am about to embark in some major life changes and I want to hear from people who can relate with me. People with advice, stories, tips…anything. I have a lot of changing to do in 08 and I need a support group…. What am I changing you ask…. Well here are my (drum roll cue here please) 2008 New Years Resolutions!!!

Now I know… resolutions. Aren’t these the things you start on January 1st every year, are good the first week or 2 but by the end of Jan the diet is over, the smoking has resumed, and the biting your tongue when your boss asks you for coffee has ceased. By April you are 5lbs heavier, a chain smoker, and looking for a new job cuz you just couldn’t take it. Seriously, tell me if you have never experienced this b/c somehow I feel like I am normal. So this year my resolutions are going to last, that’s right kids, all of 2008. And you are gonna help me. We can do it together! What do you say?

So here are my resolutions…
1) Lose 50 lbs by July, its one of my bffs weddings, and I am a bridesmaid. I will be standing up there with her gorgeous stick figure sister so in order to not look hideous I have to get my butt in shape. Then an additional 35lbs by Christmas 08

2) Read more, I read a lot now, but I want to read more… and also expand outside the realm of chick lit. Maybe pick up the NY Times on Sundays or something intellectual like that.

3) Attend church monthly. Last year I made a resolution to attend church every week but I bit off more than I could chew with that. I’m not saying I’m not a religious person cuz I am. I just went to catholic school for 13 years, which meant going to church 2x a week… so doesn’t that kinda count for double???? I know, I know, I’m awful… which is why I’m going back to church … God is calling ☺

4) Maintain a better relationship with my momma…. We kinda have the Sally Field/Calista Flockhart bond so its defiantly not normal… but FANTASTIC…. At times ;)

5) Show me the money…. I have champagne taste on beer money. I want to live this fabulous New York City life complete with Manolo shoes and a kate spade bag, but living on an assistant’s salary makes that tres difficulte! So I need to: (a) Sell all the excess “necessities” I just “had to have” on my various trips to SoHo. (b) Invest in something that will bring in extra cash. (c) Start saving more for a wedding, house, future, etc. And (d) Make extra payments on my student loan so I’m out of debt by the time I’m 30!!!! Hey, Suzy Orman says I can do it!

So those are my top 5 in no particular order. I’m going to blog daily to keep myself on track and hopefully with y’all behind me I will be a skinny mini when I’m drinking champagne to ring in 2009…. Will I make it…. Tune in to find out!

More tomorrow ☺
Thanks for stopping by,