TV Ch-Ch-Changes

So i know i am like a week behind on this news... but life has been busy what can i say.

anyways, fabulous news about the annoying Dr.Hahn... she has been canned!

Brooke Smith Axed From Grey’s Anatomy

and that makes this viewer extremely happy because her attitude on the show was insanely annoying. Plus, she was going to try and take down Seattle Grace? WTF? That Izzie incident was so last season.
AND Callie has way more chemistry with McSteamy so she should continue her rendezvous with him in the call room, not Hahn.
Thank you Shonda! You made an excellent call.

This just in... Lipstick Jungle has just 5 episodes left and are set to film anymore. Is this show canceled for good? or just postponed? and how?? they say the viewership is low, which is why the show got bumped to Friday... but I watch it, Southern Belle & Mr Belle watch it... aren't we important enough? :(


i heart paul rudd ;)

what a great post to come back to.... only the hottest dancing ever!
i suggest watching on repeat anytime you are having a crummy day. if this doesnt put a smile on your face ... nothing will :)